It’s becoming more and more of an impediment for Boston businesses to not accept credit cards, or to have a minimum transaction for credit card usage, but that often translates to less overall profit. Credit card processing services find a way to charge for just about everything: annual fees, statement fees, terminal maintenance, and per-transaction charges that amount to thousands of dollars leaving your bank account.

On one hand, you don’t want to refuse credit card transactions — customers demand the convenience of being able to pay with a card. On the other, it seems like every credit card transaction your Boston-based business handles leads to even less overall profit.

Beat Credit Card Processing Fees in Boston: We Help Small Businesses

With each passing year, it seems like there are more people who carry next to no cash — and expect to be able to pay with credit cards for every transaction. That’s extremely convenient if you’re a consumer, but less so when you’re a Boston small business owner having to hand over thousands of dollars each year in what should be profits, all because of credit card processing fees. However, there’s no reason to put up with this any longer. If you’re a Boston-based merchant who uses a credit card processing service, Global Payment Source can help you eliminate all your merchant and card fees. Instead, you’ll pay nothing.

How does this work? When you sign up for our service, your customers will simply pay a convenience charge on card transactions. Rather than you having to absorb merchant fees and other charges that often add up well past 5 percent, your customers pay a flat 4 percent fee and you pay nothing. This means more profit goes to you, and your customers are happy because they don’t have to pay with cash. There’s no reason to put up with extortionate credit card fees any longer. Call us today and learn how we can help you.

Once we start our conversation, we can talk you through the various assessments required. It’s a quick process and our service professionals are highly skilled and experienced. Call us today!

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It doesn’t have to be this way. Global Payment Source can provide you with a flat-rate credit card processing service that eliminates all merchant fees. Instead, your customers will pay a 4 percent credit card processing charge, and you’ll pay nothing. In the long run, you’ll save thousands, and your customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to pay with their card instead of having to use cash. Call us today at 888-885-4375 to learn more about how we can help you see more money in your bottom line.

Boston Credit Card Processing Means More Profits for You

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