Global Payment Source: Your Solution for NYC Credit Card Processing

      If you run a NYC business that handles credit card transactions, you’re likely already familiar with merchant fees that standard credit card processing services tack on. When you’re dealing with narrow profit margins, these fees can hurt — especially when they range as high as 7 percent in some cases. However, it doesn’t have to be this way: Global Payment Source can help eliminate your credit card processing fees altogether, allowing you to accept more forms of credit card payment (to include international transactions), which translates into more revenue for your bottom line.

When you elect to use our services, your customers will receive a flat-rate 4 percent service charge — for example, if they’d made a $50 purchase, their total would amount to $52 with the fee included. That way, you’ll never have to watch your profits eroded by ever-increasing merchant fees. If this sounds like the solution to your NYC credit card processing concerns, give us a call today at 888-885-4375 to learn more. It’s a simple answer that will translate to more online sales profits flowing to you.

We Can Offer an End to Merchant Fees on NYC Credit Card Processing

    For all the convenience of card-based commerce, credit card processing can translate to a huge hit for NYC business owners’ bottom line — the sheer volume of profits lost to merchant processing fees can be staggering. For some methods of payment, it might be 2.5 percent — but in other cases it can often top 7 percent, never mind the additional cost for processing international transactions. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With Global Payment Source, you can avoid fees altogether and instead pay nothing. Your customers will instead pay a negligible 4 percent transaction fee at the point of sale, regardless of payment type.

Over the years that we’ve run our service, we’ve noticed that customers almost never object to the processing fee, especially when they’re able to pay with a card instead of being forced to use cash or reach a minimum transaction threshold. It’s a convenient solution for your customers and for your business as well, and it allows you to minimize the amount of funds siphoned off for fees.

Call us today to learn more about our NYC credit card processing options. We’ll talk you through the processes and start an assessment of your business finances. If you’re a business that handles EBT, we can also help make sure that you’re getting the most profits possible. There’s no need to let your hard-earned funds disappear as a result of fees or service charges. Get in touch with us right away and let us help.

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